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Facebook For Dentists – The perfect tutorial to kick things off! Get noticed on the social platform used by billions. I’ll share all of my Tips & Tricks – plus my findings from a review of your business and online presence – so you feel confident to run campaigns yourself. No need to pay someone else to do it unless you want to! Feel empowered to ask your marketer the right questions to get the right results for you. If you are interested in taking back control – get in touch. Facebook is used by billions of people all over the world. We are being researched, investigated. Facebook is not appreciated by many –  but it is today’s “Yellow Pages” It is one of the most important Social Media Platforms. Learn the ropes, “It Ain’t Rocket Science.”I look forward to our conversations. Contact Details


  • Facebook For Dentists ad set-up: structure + messaging
  • How to make organic free posts work for you
  • How to target Patients (treatments) + Dentists (courses)
  • How to incorporate Facebook into your business
  • How to use FREE software to never forget to contact a patient or lose them in the system again
  • Sales tips & tricks
  • Reception tips & tricks
  • Clinical conversion techniques
  • Mystery shopper report
  • Review of your Social Media presence
  • The structure of an advert
  • Facebook advertising rules & regulations
  • Landing pages
  • Staff reports and expectations
  • Any particular worries or concerns you may have

Cost £495 


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Get in touch with The Business Coach For Dentists if you’re struggling to find your USP or are confused about where to start with marketing & advertising.

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