Grant was incredibly helpful and informative during our squat build tutorial. He helped put things into perspective and covered areas that I didnt even know existed. As a result I’ve now got a solid business plan and good understanding of what to look for when assessing competitors. Highly recommended.

Sahil ThakkarGrant was incredibly helpful

Had a one to one with Grant yesterday and he really helps you understand the marketing process from both sides and joins it together so you can be confident the leads generated can be converted. Having someone that has done this day in day out for years is invaluable. I like to think it’s short cutting success by learning from his successes and failures. Can’t recommend him highly enough.

Philip FrielCan’t recommend him highly enough.

Following our recent chat Grant you pointed out a few small things that I needed to amend in my business systems before the marketeer enters. As usual, not rocket science. Solid, simple tips. Cheers for the advice! Keep up the good work!

Dr Shane BradleyKeep up the good work!

Had a 1-2-1 with Grant yesterday for our practices. Was an eye opener. Gives Honest feedback to genuinely help. Definitely recommend!

Dr Shane PatelDefinitely recommend!

I just wanted to say thank you for a fantastic evening on Monday at the Scottish Dental Study Club. I thoroughly enjoyed the lecture and the demo on creating the ads was a fantastic addition. One of the main things I found really good was it didn’t matter what stage in your dental career you are at, there were still numerous tips you could still utilise. Your passion for dental marketing was clear from the lecture and your delivery of the lecture was entertaining whilst still informative and kept everyone’s attention.  The feedback was excellent and many people had noted that they picked up some great tips.

Dr Tariq BashirThank you for a fantastic evening

I just want to give a big shout out to Grant. This guy is an absolute legend and knows his stuff when it comes to marketing. Being a dentist himself and utilising his top tips, he simplifies things which is great for people like me. Can’t thank you enough Grant. You are a great inspiration, and I think dentists should follow your footsteps

Dr Sonia AngelThis guy is an absolute legend

I have recently used Dr Grant McAree’s services for a number of 1-2-1 Online Tutorials. I have been extremely impressed by his Online tutorials. He has given me loads of Marketing tips to implement in my Dental Practice. His enthusiasm is contagious and I would highly recommend using his services to any dentist , at any stage in their career. I look forward to doing further Online Tutorials in the future.

Dr S MaskillExtremely impressed by his Online tutorials

A big thank you to Grant for what was an absolutely amazing talk

Dr Hammet GrewalAbsolutely amazing talk

I had an online tutorial with Grant The dental Business Mentor on 23 October and it has proved to be a game changer for us. His obvious experience led him to a very prompt “diagnosis” of our issues and i have started to implement his recommendations. I look forward to more tutorials with Grant in the near future. If you are considering it, please go for it. Best wishes

Dr Ope Sodeinde (Specialist)Game changer for us

Thank you Grant McAree for the amazing 1:2:1 session . I highly recommend this session as you will get the best tips of your lifetime to achieve great lengths in business of dentistry!! You are an absolute legend ! Thank you for boosting my confidence! I owe you lots of gratitude!! For anyone out there who is looking for tips & how to save your money with advertising & marketing or any little tips please do not hesitate to contact Grant . I have known grant now for more than 2 years through Facebook . He has selflessly always replied to all my messages & queries almost immediately even before most of us knew him !! I thank you once again Grant !!

Dr Nuthan MallAmazing 1:2:1 session