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Dental Squat Location Support Programme – I totally get the fear of starting up from scratch, having done it 5 times myself. I’ll share all of my Tips & Tricks – plus my findings from a review of your business and online presence – so you can hit the ground running. All the things I wish I’d realised at the time. After this 1.2.1, you’ll either a) Be confident in your plans or b) Change direction. Either way, it’s good to know! I understand the fear, many nights in Stir. I would have benefitted from an experienced dentist to share those fears. Just to share ideas and plans. From someone who has real experience. My journey would have been more tolerable. This is what I want to do for you. That journey can be great. Those initial hurdles and fears can turn you away from your dreams. That is the tragedy. Let me show you a pathway till you find yours.



Level 1 - Choosing The Right Location? (£495)

  • Review of chosen Dental Squat Location
  • Analysis of location & competitors
  • Potential purchase targets identified by you
  • How to make smart use of the chosen potential location
  • Discover your USP
  • Designing a logo based on your USP
  • Initial branding discussions
  • Review of local non dental businesses
  • Discussions regarding leasehold/freehold costings
  • Marketing possibilities relating to location
  • Would I set up a squat at your chosen location?
  • Naming your surgery and branding
  • Making smart decisions to reduce risk
  • What to ask your website designer in the early days of design
  • Introducing The Facebook Pixel and Google Tags for future retargeting

Level 2 - Getting Off To A Good Start (£850)

  • All of level 1 support plus….
  • Discussions during the design phase
  • Discussions leading up to the “Open Day”
  • Review of your competitors websites & social media
  • Design ideas for a website based around your USP
  • Protecting your website
  • 1.2.1 tutorial “Squat Marketing & Advertising”

Level 3 - Full Support To Launch (£3,995)

  • All of level 1 & 2 support plus….
  • Review of costs and quotes received by you
  • 1.2.1 tutorial “Create An Open Day Knockout”
  • Discussions during the marketing phase
  • Discussions during the development phase
  • Squats vs buying goodwill
  • How to set fees to keep patients and the bank happy
  • Review of fees/charges from equipment specialists, builders and banks
  • How to save you £1000s in the dental trade
  • How to secure a good interest rate from the bank
  • Financial and marketing checklist before open day
  • How to devise a marketing strategy based on your location
  • 1.2.1 tutorial “Blogging Your Way to Success”
  • SEO Tips & Tricks
  • How to get noticed from Day 1
  • How to enjoy the journey
  • Open day strategy
  • Structuring your business: ‘Strategic Tree for Dentists’
  • Free management software advice
  • Reception training guidance
  • Discounts available to the Consilium Dentium group
  • Any particular worries or concerns you may have


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