"It ain't rocket science!" by The Dental Business Coach

2-3 hour talk & presentation

The Dental Business Coach – The entire journey to dentistry success, covering all aspects of marketing & advertising as well as your new favourite SEO tool… Blogging. Taking me across the country – from Glasgow to Leeds, Birmingham to Exeter and London – I’ll share with you my 40 best Tips & Tricks to help you win new patients and improve your business. Just get in touch. Contact Details


  • Facebook + GoogleAds set-up
  • Components of an advert
  • Basics of an ad campaign
  • How to make best use of landing pages
  • Blogging: relevance + where to get content
  • Photography made easy
  • Introduction to Instagram
  • Marketing regulations
  • Squat location tips
  • How to construct an advert
  • Social Media made easy
  • How to handle bad reviews
  • Free organic posting made easy
  • The importance of Landing Pages
  • 40 Tips & Tricks to help boost your business

Dental Business Mentor


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Get in touch with The Business Coach For Dentists if you’re struggling to find your USP or are confused about where to start with marketing & advertising.

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