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Build the business of your dreams

without the marketing nightmares.

List to the Podcast

Marketing is critical to grow your dental business but to most dentists it sounds like a daunting task. Dr. Grant McAree,

List to the Podcast

Marketing opportunities that most practice owners might be missing

In Conversation with Grant McAree

In this edition of ” in conversation with…” I’m privileged to chat with Dr Grant McAree, a highly successful dentist and entrepreneur.

Generate 130 new patient enquiries per month

How to generate 130 new patient enquiries per month without hiring external agencies

‘The ugly truth’: from rags to riches

The Dental Business Coach & Mentor, Grant McAree, launches a new business marketing course teaching dental teams how to go from rags to riches after selling his own practice for millions recently.

‘Doing something once is luck, doing it twice shows your worth’.

That’s the motto of The Dental Business Coach & Mentor, Grant McAree. He made a career out of transforming squats into multi-million pound practices and selling them for a tidy profit.

McAree just closed the sale of his latest practice to a corporate company. Along with it, he’s pocketing a cool £3.5 million for the sale. This included the goodwill, freehold value and cash reserves of £500,000.

He believes transforming dental practices from zero to hero comes down to one key factor. That is knowing how to utilise marketing tools effectively.


Ready to take your marketing to the next level?

If you’re looking for expert guidance and accountability to help you market your creative business, we should talk.

0789 687 7827


Get in touch with The Business Coach For Dentists if you’re struggling to find your USP or are confused about where to start with marketing & advertising.

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