The Dental Business Mentor - My Story

I register, on average, 160 new private patients a month and pay no agency fees.

Business is what I love. Always have, always will. Finding an angle, an idea, then growing it. That’s what inspires me.

Having previously built the largest private squat in Devon as well as 4 other squats, has led me to my new passion – joining forces with other dentists to show how the key to lasting success really isn’t rocket science at all… once you know how!

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Let me ease your fears – not by showing you my way – but by helping you find your way, your passion. I can refer you to companies you can trust: companies who’ll offer you discounts and support, from website development to financial planning. There are some really simple Marketing Tips & Tricks, potential game changers. Over 20 years, I’ve tried them all! We’ll jump on Zoom so I can teach you everything I know from the comfort of your own home. No downtime, no days off, no lost revenue.

And for those of you wanting more support for your business, more for you as an individual, I’ve set up Consilium Dentium – an exclusive one-member-per-area club for like-minded professionals who want to join forces and learn from each other.

So, pick up the phone and let’s have a chat, see how I can help you. What do you have to lose? I look forward to our conversations.

Dr Grant McAree BDS  Click Here to Call Me


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Business Dental Mentor

1. "Squat Locations & Surveys"

1.2.1 online tutorial

Evening appointments – (Full support packages available)

“A waterfall starts with one drop of water.” The squat build is a frightening roller coaster ride. “Will I get the right location, end up with no patients, lose respect amongst my peers if I fail. Will I end up with an empty building with no money?” Tips & Tricks learnt from my 5 squats to date, including building and then selling on the largest private squat in Devon. Gain invaluable insider knowledge – including where not to set up! Make smarter choices so you succeed from Day 1.

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Dental Business Mentor

2. "The Business Health Check"

1.2.1 online tutorial

Evening appointments – 1 to 2 hours

So it begins : “Am I being the best I can be? Am I making full use of the business I have developed? I dont know where to start with all this marketing & advertising!”

Tips & Tricks to ensure your entire ‘Business’ – from that very first contact through to treatment and fee collection – is effortless on both sides. Discover my smart, easy formula to give you happy, long-term patients and no headaches!

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Dental Business Mentor

3. "The Power of Google Adverts"

1.2.1 online tutorial

Evening appointments – 1 to 2 hours

The development stage: “I am ready to dip my toe in and learn this myself. If I haven’t the time, at least I can make the right noises, ask the right questions.”

Tips & Tricks to master GoogleAds and blogging SEO. Gain insider knowledge of all the basics plus some ingenious hacks. Construct ads that work. Benefit from patients Googling treatments you offer. And the best bit? No more agency fees!

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Dental Business Mentor

4. “Blog Your Way to Success + SEO Tricks”

1.2.1 online tutorial

Evening appointments – 1 to 2 hours

Confidence is rising: “I want to learn how to SEO my own website & save some money. I would like to SEO my landing pages and write some blogs so my website remains fresh and gets on page 1 of Google.”

Tips & Tricks to harness the power of the most important SEO tool of all – Blogging. Learn how to optimise Google, using ingenious hacks to propel yourself up the rankings, to block your competitors and to save thousands on agency fees!

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Business Dental Mentor

5. "Manage Your Own Facebook Campaigns"

1.2.1 online tutorial

Evening appointments – 1 to 2 hours

I am flying now: “I am ready to manage my own Facebook campaigns. Paid & unpaid adverts. No more posting for the sake of it. Utilising the skills I have learnt”

Tips & Tricks to allow you to run successful campaigns yourself on the world’s biggest platform. Learn the smart way to post and manage paid-for and free ads, including some ingenious hacks. And the best bit? No more agency fees!

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Dental Business Mentor

6.“It Ain’t Rocket Science!”

2-3 hour talk & presentation

My 40 best Tips & Tricks to help you survive and thrive, including numerous ingenious hacks. Give your SEO a turbo boost via Blogging. Learn about ad design, build and campaign set-up across Facebook, Google and Instagram. Fight back!

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Dental Business Mentor

7. "Smarter Marketing & Advertising"

Full-day practical session

4 persons minimum

Bringing together all of my Tips & Tricks for marketing & advertising, including numerous ingenious hacks. Set up advanced Facebook and GoogleAds. Discover system tools to allow you to see what you’re doing right and wrong. Fix broken parts of your ‘Patient Journey’. Take back control!

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Dental Business Mentor

8. "Create An Open Day Knockout"

1.2.1 Online Tutorial

Evening appointments – 1 to 2 hours

Ever wished you could open your doors on an Open Day with confidence? I can support you, show you all my Tips & Tricks, from promoting a treatment to getting a squat business off to a solid start. Over the past 20 years, I’ve gone through it all – highs as well as lows – so my knowledge comes from the real world. I know what it feels like! Use a strategy that works. What have you got to lose from chatting things through?

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The Exclusive Club For Dentists

Do you feel like you are treading water or drowning? Do you just want more for your efforts? I have been there – all three places many times over. I have even been at rock bottom. Consilium Dentium could be for you – an exclusive one-member-per-region club for like-minded professionals who want to join forces, to learn, to advance themselves at every business level. Gain access to all of our marketing Tips & Tricks. Learn a host of new skills to supercharge your business. Join us – Join our Exclusive Club For Dentists. One Area – One Dentist. Claim your region now.

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Testimonials from some great dentists I have met on my Journey

Dr Adeel Ali

I recently had the pleasure of working with Grant on an upcoming project. From the outset it was clear that he had a deep level of understanding and knowledge in the initiation and development in of a squat. What helps is that he is also a stand up guy, funny as hell and knows how to get the best out of his clients. Thanks for all the great tips and pointers. I am sure we will be working again in the near future.

Dr Payal Bhalla

Just had a mid morning course with Grant in middle of lockdown . A supercharged course which has put us on course for making all the right changes for business. The recommendations once implemented will be the single biggest change to business in recent years . Thanks Grant for condensing 20 years of knowledge and sharing with us. Looking forward to SEO course as well. Regards Payal Bhalla

Dr Lakshmi Gaddipati

My PM and I met Grant through his absolutely brilliant Facebook group and for a novice like me- new to not just dental business but also to advertising, marketing and promoting our business, it been amazing to have his help. He is very approachable and no question is silly ! We did a patient journey 1.2.1 session and it gave us so much insight into where we could improve, highly recommended. Can’t wait to learn more from Dr G!

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Dr Dev Raindi

After an initial chat with Grant, I have come away with a much clearer approach to my vision. Grant had a genuine interest in my plan and was able to give valuable advice that I began to implement within 20 minutes! Really looking forward to working with Grant in the future and on top of all of this he is a great guy!

Dr Carol Somerville

I decided to get in touch with Grant after hearing lots of good things about him on Facebook and other colleagues. Over the years, I have spent a fortune with external agencies on marketing, Facebook, Google Adwords, Twitter, etc and just didn’t feel that I got value for money. Grant kept saying that it’s easy to do it yourself, after all, “it ain’t rocket science.” I got in contact with him and we arranged a 1:2:1 for me to learn about SEO so that I could understand it all better. Grant made it really easy to understand the black art of SEO and went through a step by step demonstration how to SEO a blog. I can’t wait to try out the skills I have learnt and will hopefully see our Google ranking improve.

Donna Hewitt (Marketer)

Grant spent time with us helping us understand SEO. The benefits, why we should do it in house and a practical guide as to how to do this. He gave us confidence through sharing his knowledge, that this is something that we can carry out ourselves. A friendly, approachable guy that was great fun to work with. Thank you.

Dr Sundeep Patel

So I feel like I know a decent amount about marketing as our current campaigns as working well. I came to grant because I had hoped he could provide a different level of insight into the business. I must say he goes out of his way to provide help and information and his little tips I found really useful to demystify processes others make difficult. Really top bloke as well so that makes it easier to talk to.

Tracey McKeon

Last night from the comfort of my own home myself and Sam Mohamed from Wolds Dental Studio had an online meeting with Grant McAree. I wasn’t entirely sure what to expect as this was my first ever online meeting. However I was pleasantly surprised. Grant was extremely knowledgeable about our practice and how we can improve going forward. He was honest and feedback was very good to hear, even the negative which can be hard to hear but without it we could not improve. I would definitely recommend to others and think every now and again it’s good to just have so things keep moving in the right direction. Thank you Grant.

Dr Nuthan Mall

Thank you Grant McAree for the amazing 1:2:1 session . I highly recommend this session as you will get the best tips of your lifetime to achieve great lengths in business of dentistry!! You are an absolute legend ! Thank you for boosting my confidence! I owe you lots of gratitude!! For anyone out there who is looking for tips & how to save your money with advertising & marketing or any little tips please do not hesitate to contact Grant . I have known grant now for more than 2 years through Facebook . He has selflessly always replied to all my messages & queries almost immediately even before most of us knew him !! I thank you once again Grant !!

Dr Ope Sodeinde (Specialist) 

I had an online tutorial with Grant The dental Business Mentor on 23 October and it has proved to be a game changer for us. His obvious experience led him to a very prompt “diagnosis” of our issues and i have started to implement his recommendations. I look forward to more tutorials with Grant in the near future. If you are considering it, please go for it. Best wishes

Dr Uns Moutiz

I recently attended Grant McAree’s Dental Business Mentor online 1-2-1 course. It is a fantastic course for anyone who is just starting or has started to use social media marketing. Little insider tips, holding your hand and going through each stage of social media marketing, how to train your nurses to manage new patient enquiries and improve their chances of booking them in. The use of invaluable software (and it’s free) to make sure that no patients are missed or slip through the net, their journey from an enquiry call to putting the deposit down and beyond is well covered. No up-selling. All based on experience that continues to deliver. “Why reinvent the wheel?.” Managing negative reviews. You can record the meeting and go back to it if needed. Definitely worth the fee. Before you decide to spend a large sum of £££s on hiring marketing companies to do this, take this course and you will realise how much of that you can do yourself , and even you do end up going with the large companies, you will know well how it works and you can always keep a check on what they are doing.

Top man, top course .. Thanks G

Dr Hammet Grewal

A big thank you to Grant for what was an absolutely amazing talk

Dr Rams Tah (Specialist)

So me and Grant McAree, The Dental Business Mentor had a 1-2-1 session yesterday and I finally understand fully what he is talking about in these groups. It’s those tiny tips and tricks that will multiply your income. The experience of the patient journey can be multiplied exponentially by ensuring that all the little tricks that he uses on a daily basis are implemented. We started doing this from today and we converted 5k straight away by the manner in which my manager spoke to the patient in the waiting room. Can’t thank you enough and if anyone is genuinely interested in perfecting their patient journey and increasing their income, Grant McAree is the man.

Dr S Maskill

“I have recently used Dr Grant McAree’s services for a number of 1-2-1 Online Tutorials. I have been extremely impressed by his Online tutorials. He has given me loads of Marketing tips to implement in my Dental Practice. His enthusiasm is contagious and I would highly recommend using his services to any dentist , at any stage in their career. I look forward to doing further Online Tutorials in the future.”

Dr Sonia Angel

I just want to give a big shout out to Grant. This guy is an absolute legend and knows his stuff when it comes to marketing. Being a dentist himself and utilising his top tips, he simplifies things which is great for people like me. Can’t thank you enough Grant. You are a great inspiration, and I think dentists should follow your footsteps

Dr Sahil Thakkar

Grant was incredibly helpful and informative during our squat build tutorial. He helped put things into perspective and covered areas that I didn’t even know existed. As a result I’ve now got a solid business plan and good understanding of what to look for when assessing competitors. Highly recommended.

Dr Tariq Bashir

I just wanted to say thank you for a fantastic evening on Monday at the Scottish Dental Study Club. I thoroughly enjoyed the lecture and the demo on creating the ads was a fantastic addition. One of the main things I found really good was it didn’t matter what stage in your dental career you are at, there were still numerous tips you could still utilise. Your passion for dental marketing was clear from the lecture and your delivery of the lecture was entertaining whilst still informative and kept everyone’s attention.  The feedback was excellent and many people had noted that they picked up some great tips. I was at the gym earlier today and I met 2 colleagues. One who was there on Monday evening and he said the lecture was ‘phenomenal’! My other friend who missed it said he was gutted he couldn’t make it as his associates attended and found it very beneficial. I think next time we have you speaking at the study club in Glasgow we need a larger venue as we had 65 dentists there and there were still many people looking for a space!  I look forward to listening to you lecture about dental marketing again!

Dr Shane Bradley

Following our recent chat Grant you pointed out a few small things that I needed to amend in my business systems before the marketeer enters. As usual, not rocket science. Solid, simple tips. Cheers for the advice! Keep up the good work!

Dr Philip Friel

Had a one to one with Grant yesterday and he really helps you understand the marketing process from both sides and joins it together so you can be confident the leads generated can be converted. Having someone that has done this day in day out for years is invaluable. I like to think it’s short cutting success by learning from his successes and failures. Can’t recommend him highly enough.

Dr Neeraj Puri

Dr Grant Mcaree Facebook 1.2.1 set up was simply fantastic. Now I can set up an advert independent of marketing agencies. I can also target dentists for associate job offers and advertise courses. I would recommend his services to anyone. He has seen it, done it. That is what makes it real, that is what makes it valuable.

Dr Kareem Siddiqui

Had a 1-2-1 webinar session with Grant McAree and loved it. He is a great and passionate guy who is ready to help fellow business owners. Although I was kinda aware of the ‘internet of things’, he is the man who has ‘been there done that’ – this helps immensely. I’d recommend others in similar situation to consult him so he can offer you solutions to your pain points in the business.

Dr Shahid Hussain

What can I say, with so many different dental business coaches in the market, I found Grant was a breath of fresh air, it helped that he too is dentist, he understand the stresses and the parameters we have to work within. He knows squats inside out and his guidance and knowledge is amazing.

Dr Leena Asopa Anurag

Thank you Grant for your help in educating me about Facebook adverts. I have learned quite a few things and will work on that and get things together.

I have just had a 1 to 1 tutorial lesson with Grant. I can honestly say he knows what he is talking about. I have come away learning a bit more about the patient journey and some key areas to improve in my practice. Grant did a lot of research about my practice before the tutorial and hence the whole conversation was tailored to my setting. I will definitely be signing up for the next tutorial!!

Dr Mohit Kumar

I have just had a 1 to 1 tutorial lesson with Grant The Dental Business Mentor. I can honestly say he knows what he is talking about. I have come away learning a bit more about the patient journey and some key areas to improve in my practice. Grant did a lot of research about my practice before the tutorial and hence the whole conversation was tailored to my setting. I will definitely be signing up for the next tutorial!!

Dr Stephanie Erika Kirk

I thoroughly enjoyed Grant‘s Patient Journey Dental Business Mentor coaching. He was well prepared and the session personalised. I am really feeling re energised to improve our processes and, thereby, our patient care. It was a fast and fabulous tutorial with lots of golden nuggets and I cannot wait for the next one-to which I will treat myself in a couple of months. Stephanie

Dr Laura Wedgie Morgan

Thinking about a 1-2-1 with grant? Stop thinking, do it. procrastination is the death of progress! 😂 Get an insight into your business, discover your own strengths and let Grant highlight where you can improve. It’s not rocket science but it is what you need to kickstart your business!

Dr Crawford Alexander

I just had to say thank you for our 1:2:1 – 3 hrs high speed train ride of business appraisal, visibility, positioning, marketing review, ,the patient journey,tips and tricks…and LOTS MORE . Loads of value packed in-well worth it – and all recorded! -so you can review at leisure! Nothing missed! Will DEFINITELY consider grants other 1:2:1 when I have worked on all the recommendations!! – 5 Star – And energised and looking forward to our next one. 👍

Dr Shane Patel

Had a 1-2-1 with Grant yesterday for our practices. Was an eye opener. Gives Honest feedback to genuinely help. Definitely recommend!

Dr Naveen Julka

Great 1-2-1 webinar yesterday with Grant. He will give you valuable insight into how to run a great practice. Recommended to all.

Dr Rajan Sethi

Grants advice and expertise has been extremely helpful to allow us to implement changes to improve our business . A course not to miss
Dental Business Support
Dental Business Support