The Exclusive Club for Dentists


‘The Exclusive Club for Dentists’
Do you want more for your business, more for your patients, more for you as an individual? I do, too. Which is why I’ve set up Consilium Dentium – an exclusive one-member-per-region club for like-minded professionals who want to join forces, to learn, to advance themselves at every level. Gain access to all of our Tips & Tricks. Learn a host of new skills to supercharge your business. Dominate your area. Run your business – rather than it running you. Take back control of your marketing budget – gain the skills and confidence to develop strategies yourself, or to get from marketers what you need from them to hit your targets. Make new connections, develop new contacts, build new relationships outside the surgery. Take advantage of huge members-only discounts from equipment and service suppliers and specialists. Know you’re supported.

So, what’s the catch? There isn’t one! There’ll be a rolling monthly contract – which you can leave at any time – and geographical exclusivity. That’s it. I hope once you join us, you’ll stay.

‘Consilium’ – the Latin for ‘plan, purpose, advice, wisdom’. The essence of our club. If that’s what you’re looking for, let’s chat. We could all be good for each other. Job done.


‘ELITE’ Full-Support Programme £695 pcm

‘One Dentist, One Area’

Month 1 : INITIO – ‘Beginning’

  • Weekly Check-ins: “I’ll be with you all the way!”
  • Business Assessment
  • Mystery Shopper Report & Discussion
  • Tips & Tricks re Reception
  • Remote Reception: Gain time + Never miss any calls
  • Monthly Zoom Tutorial: ‘Getting You Noticed’
  • Discovering your USP & passion
  • Designing your logo on-the-cheap
  • Developing your brand via Google
  • Building your social media identity
  • Trademarking & protecting your name
  • Tips & Tricks re purchasing URL/domain names
  • Dominating your area via smart targeting

Month 2 : INSPIRATIO – ‘Inspiration’

  • Weekly Check-ins: “How’s it going so far?”
  • Monthly Zoom Tutorial: ‘The Patient Journey’
  • The importance of keeping track of ALL your patients
  • Practice management software that’s FREE

Month 3 : INCREMENTUM – ‘Growth’

  • Weekly Check-ins: “Any ideas you want to kick about?”
  • Monthly Zoom Tutorial: ‘My Top 40 Tips & Tricks’
  • Never before revealed in one go!
  • Business structure (STD Tree)
  • Making ‘The Influencer’ work for you
  • Surviving the social media frenzy
  • Making your reception staff work for you
  • Harnessing traditional marketing
  • Keeping your Hygienist busy
  • Photography 101

Month 4 : PROGRESSIO – ‘Progress’

  • Weekly Check-ins: “Let’s see how far you’ve come!”
  • Monthly Zoom Tutorial: ‘Paid-for Ads: Part 1’
  • Facebook
  • Facebook Pixel & retargeting techniques
  • Organic vs Paid-for Ads
  • Creating FREE Ads
  • Split-Testing Paid-for Ads
  • The Pixel
  • The Advert Funnel demystified
  • Dealing with The Bad Review

Month 5 : PROVISIO – ‘Insight’

  • Weekly Check-ins: “Show & tell!”
  • Monthly Zoom Tutorial: ‘Paid-for Ads: Part 2’
  • GoogleAds
  • Google Analytics & Google Tag Manager
  • Google My Business
  • Organic vs Paid-for ads
  • Tips & Tricks for SEO
  • Blogging & landing pages

Month 6 : PROSPERITAS – ‘Success’

  • Weekly Check-ins: “Let’s celebrate the big & small wins!”
  • Monthly Zoom Tutorial: ‘Open Day Knockout’
  • Making Open Days a success
  • Improving profits & making your life easier
  • Maintaining your website for FREE
  • Reducing material costs
  • Improving clinical conversion rates
  • Collecting testimonials
  • Spying on your competitors




Exclusively for ‘Elite’ Members following on from Elite Full-Support Programme

Monthly : CONTINUUM – ‘Continuity’

  • 30-mile radius exclusivity in your area
  • Monthly Check-ins: “Everything still okay?”
  • Open invite to all Elite Full-Support Programme Zoom Tutorials

‘ELITE’ Members-Only Discounts

Exclusive discounts from trusted Consilium Dentium Partners:

  • NASDAL solicitor
  • Accountant
  • Website build, support & SEO
  • Facebook management
  • Google management
  • Various management softwares
  • Dental clinical software



Get in touch with The Business Coach For Dentists if you’re struggling to find your USP or are confused about where to start with marketing & advertising.

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