The Business Coach For Dentists

Full-day practical session

The Business Coach For Dentists – Join him for A Masterclass – typically for groups of 4 to 15 dentists – designed for those wanting more than to just get by. I’ll share all of my Tips & Tricks for marketing & advertising, learnt from the triumphs and failures of countless campaigns and strategies. I’ll show you canny ways to save time and money and where to get free advice and management support to fire up your business! Just get in touch. Contact Details


  • Facebook + GoogleAds set-up
  • Key components and principles of an advert
  • Organic vs paid-for adverts
  • Basic management of ad campaigns
  • How to use FREE management systems
  • How to use FREE system tools to help you see how you’re really doing
  • How to tidy up common problems when building a dental business: software + methods
  • How to protect your website/review and maintain it
  • How to do your own SEO
  • How to save money by employing fewer specialists on campaigns
  • What to expect from staff + reports you can actually use
  • Reception skills training + selling techniques
  • Blogging: what + how to write
  • How to handle bad reviews
  • How to fix the broken parts of your ‘Patient Journey’
  • Learn how The Business Coach for Dentists survived 40 Tips & Tricks


Ready to take your marketing to the next level?

If you’re looking for expert guidance and accountability to help you market your creative business, we should talk.

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Get in touch with The Business Coach For Dentists if you’re struggling to find your USP or are confused about where to start with marketing & advertising.

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